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All reserves last for two weeks from the date of posting the reserve request. All reserve extensions requested will last for one week. There can only be one reserve extension for each reserve; after that, the character becomes open again for anyone to reserve or apply for. While a reserve for a character is up, no one other than the reserving player will be allowed to apply for the character.

Players may only reserve two characters at a time.

Reserves are OPEN.

→ LAUREN/[personal profile] thecoolestfez
→ 12/1

PLEASE READ: Due to the slightly different formats in how user names can be shown on Dreamwidth (i.e. I've found that the "title="your name"" part of the reserve HTML does not work on DW and will just show your user name), the reserve text above's been tweaked a bit. Just so everyone is aware for future reference! :)
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